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Treatments and Massages

We work with highly qualified therapists that offer various therapies and massages.


Relaxation of body, mind, spirit*
Feel the pleasant relaxation that this massage produces, entering a space of serenity and peace.

This consists in manually making the fascias (muscle membranes) more elastic. This tissue communicates all the body’s structures, so that in treating the fascias we are slowly recovering the health of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and skeletal system. This very indicated when we have excess loading on the back and neck, for muscular pains, tension headaches, muscular load in athletes, back pain, lack of joint mobility, sciatica ..., etc

Our feet reflect all our body, using soft pressure stimuli we seek to activate the healing mechanisms of our body.

Indian Head Massage*
This massage is traditionally carried out at street hairdressers’ in India. It provides us with mental relaxation. There is a 15 min massage whilst sitting and 15 min on the massage bed.

Sports Massage*
This is a very active massage to increase blood flow and relax the muscles after sport.

Lymphatic neck and face drainage*
This gentle massage stimulates the elimination of toxins and at the same time produces a deep relaxation.

Special Massage for Children*
Every day I am amazed with the ability that children have to relax, they only need a pleasant atmosphere of serenity and respect.

* On request and at extra cost


Leisure Area

Our goal, to achieve absolute experiences of well-being, balance and relaxation.

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